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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Cool design according to a young lady!

25" gold coloured chain, oval shape gold plated wirework, brown and gold bead, with two golden round balls. Top half has peridot, golden and emerald beads.

Fits easily over the head - good to go in a hurry. Elegant but simple.

$30.00 (Tax and shipping extra.)

Looks very beautiful against a plain dress or blouse.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A design with filigree golden beads

Delicate golden filigree work wrapped in golden wire, hung on a simple gold coloured 20" chain.

Looks wonderful against a dark background such as a little black dress or blousee.

Price: $25.00 (Plus tax and shipping costs)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mauve & crystal pendant

20" chain (silver plated), with mauve and crystal dangling pendant. Finished off with a silver wire swirl. Spring-like and elegant.

Thinking of Mother's Day or an Easter gift? This would be a lovely addition to any woman's wardrobe.

$35.00 Canadian plus tax, shipping and handling.

A jewellery design for your consideration

20" shimmering black chain, silver wirework and Czech firepolish beads in black and pink. Would look good against a black sweater, as the chain would blend in and the jewellery design would stand out better.

Price: $35.00 Canadian plus tax, shipping and handling.

Introducing myself to you

Hello there, thanks for dropping by. Directly below you will see my two beloved cats, Boots and Tiger who are my constant companions and much loved cats.

Boots, the dark grey and white one, and Tiger, the orange and white one.
I am an older lady who is enjoying her retirement to the fullest. My creativity is in full bloom and I spend many hours writing poetry, short stories and designing jewellery.

I am so fortunate here in Hamilton, Ontario to have a vibrant artistic community and belong to several groups.

My children are grown up and live in other cities.
Living in a smaller city has been a real blessing to me as I have gotten to know so many nice people. I moved from Toronto to Hamilton in 2003 and have not regretted it one bit.
I do miss my friends though in Toronto and also in Montreal.
I am originally from Lachine, P.Q.
I thank God every day for His Mercies and kindness to me and mine.
For those who are interested in buying some of my jewellery, please drop me a line at wseville7@gmail.com and put in the heading Jewellery blog.

How it all came to pass

In December of 2008, I decided to indulge my passion of creating art but in jewellery. I already paint with words through poetry and short stories but jewellery making is a new art form for me.

It requires a great deal of patience, fortitude not to give up, and expenditure of cash in order to start a business, buy the tools and materials needed to do the designs and a good imagination to dream up designs.

Although it is not a full time job for me, I do spend many hours doing it each week.

Happily, I am now retired after working for 43 years and this art form has become one of my favourite ways to express myself. Some of my work is displayed at ARTS HAMILTON, in the International Village.

I would like to publically thank Donna at Avitar here in Hamilton for her practical help in teaching me some of the tricks of the trade.

I have also learned from the internet where there is a wealth of information with videos on how to do basic jewellery techniques.

I make a prototype first and wear it to see if anybody notices it and makes a comment. If they do, I make one for sale.

I have had one very successful jewellery party where my poetic friends have read their work, my photographer friend Kevin has taken a video, and my friend Carmen has danced two Mexican dances for an appreciative audience. The first party was well attended in spite of the fact that the Tiger Cats had a home game at Ivor Wynne Stadium on the day of the party.

I am thinking of having a smaller event before Mother's Day and just serving tea, coffee and sweets. The first party was my big event where I had both first and second courses, plus punch, tea and coffee.

As I believe in sharing, I gave a 10% donation to an organization who helps developmentally challenged people. On that line of thought also, I made a donation of a beautiful design I did to help a youth shelter, and out of that, came an order for a design of a Swarovski crystals pendant.

That is how things have started and when I saw how people appreciated my work and how happy it made me to do it, I decided to apply for my vendor's permit and start a small business.

I ship only to Canada at this time, but perhaps in time I will expand it to the United States and beyond.

Thanks for reading this little blurb. Come back when you can and see the different designs I have for sale.