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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earrings for non-pierced ears

Emerald earrings are Czech firepolish beads. Peridot earrings are Swarovski crystals.
I have left one ear piece open so that you can see how it goes on.

Periodot Swarovsky crystals - silver ear clips

I was asked if I make earrings for non-pierced ears and I was able to reassure this dear lady that, I, indeed can do that as well. I have made 3 pairs, two of which are shown here.

I used Swarovski crystals on one set and so they sparkle like the stars in the night against the dark velvet of the sky.

Any woman would feel like a queen wearing these.

Prices: Swarovski crystal pair $50.00 (pierced or unpierced ears) plus tax & shipping and handling. These will be on sale at my jewellery party in April one time only.

Czech Firepolish beads - $35 (pierced or unpierced ears) Plus tax & shipping and handling.

Czech Firepolish beads have a wonderful glow to them and necklaces and earrings made from them are a very nice statement of good taste and refinement.

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