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Friday, March 5, 2010

Stones from India with Swarovski pearls

This design is beautiful with its larger stones and black 20" 4mm chain. The white pearls in the middle only add to its beauty. Imagine yourself wearing this as you go out to enjoy your day! For larger views, please click on each photo.
$35.00 plus applicable taxes, shipping and handling.


  1. I got quite a few compliments on this design when I wore the protype of it for the first time.

    It seemed to attract the younger women more.

  2. What a nice surprise I had at Limeridge Mall. We were just looking around and this young shop assistant came up to me and admired this design.

    I think I will ask an Egyptian friend of mine to bring back some stones from Egypt. The one I made for this design was from India.

    I have always liked exotic things!