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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My own Medic Alert Bracelet

This bracelet is not for sale. I believe that Medic Alert has now started to sell beaded bracelets, so please check out their website to purchase one.

I just thought I would share how very pretty it can look and still serve a useful purpose!
Over a year ago, I made a bracelet of small Ceylon beads and attached my Medic Alert emblem to it. I decided recently to change the beads to Swarovski crystals and this is the result. I had thought of attaching clasps on each side to change the bracelet part to match outfits but thought that was just too costly so I used crystals which would suit most outfits.

Both versions of my bracelet were nice, and probably in another year or two, I will change the beads again to something different.
I made mine with stretchy cord so it can easily slip over my hand and not have to fiddle with a clasp.
I think it is much easier if one has arthritis in the hands to just slip it on.

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