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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thoughts on my party

It was a very nice gathering of people and they all got along very well together. As usual, I prepared far too much food. Out of the 18 people invited, ten people came with 8 sending regrets a day or so before which I appreciated.

One of the poets was unwell and so she could not get here to read her lovely poetry. The dancer also was unable to come but in spite of all that, it was a very nice gathering. She had to come from far and on the bus so I understood very well. Usually, she and her boyfriend some together in the car.

I don't think I will have another party for quite some time though as it is a great deal of work.

Andrew,Rahel, and Mary helped me get things back upstairs and vacuum the party room as well as clean it, so that I could get my $300.00 deposit back. Thus, it only cost me $30.00 to rent the room.

I may just have the parties at home and invite smaller groups of people from time to time. We'll see. I do love a party and chatting with people. I would not hesitate to do that if my apartment were larger but it is quite small and crowded.

All in all, another successful party, both in fellowship and monetary matters.

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