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Monday, March 28, 2011

River stone wrapped in gold plated wire with jewels

This little stone could tell us a tale, I'll bet if he could talk.  I wonder what river he first came out of and how he ended up in Hamilton?

Is he a Canadian stone, born and bred in our cold climate or is he a stone born in the hot tropics?

I do not know. 

Like most of us, we are just plain ordinary folk such as this little stone is an ordinary stone.  When we dress up and put on our best clothing and fix our hair, don't we look better?

Thus, here is our dressed up river stone which can be hung from a chain.  I love to make plain things beautiful and hope that I have succeeded in making this dear little stone even more lovely.

This creation now reminds me of a bulb planted in the ground with jewelled branches reaching up to the sky.

Here is the same creation attached to a gold plated chain.

Another good thing is that it is quite lightweight to wear even with the stone.

Who could ever guess that from a dear little rock could come such beauty?

$85.00 Canadian plus shipping and handling.

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